About MyMoonJet.com


To provide a simple decentralised platform for users to grow all of their coinpot/moon series referrals (as well as a couple of others) with one simple link instead of half a dozen or more. It also aims to provide a strategy for growing your bitcoin with no investment.

How it works

A user signs up to MyMoonJet.com for free with an email address and password.
They then login to their admin panel and enter their referral extensions for moon bitcoin, moon litecoin etc…..

If the user does not yet use the featured faucets/services, they can sign up from the referral links displayed on the page.

Every time somebody visits the page, the page will display the ads for the featured services but each time it will use a referral link randomly picked from a a pool containing all of MyMoonJet.com members’ referral links. The Randomization does involve a process which will give an advantage to those actively promoting thier MyMoonJet.com Referral link.

Every member (including myself) starts of with thier faucet referral links at level 1. At this level, every time somebody visits MyMoonJet.com via your referral link, there is 1 in 13 Chance for each faucet/service in the system to display my referral link (I gotta get something back for all the work I put into this), there's a 1 in 13 chance it will show your referees (The person who referred you to MyMoonJet.com) faucet links - a small advantage of referring people, a 5 in 13 chance of displaying your own referral links, and a 5 in 13 chance of displaying a totally random member's link(which could still be your own link if you're lucky).

When you refer people to MyMoonJet.com, you earn Jet Fuel. Jet Fuel can be used to upgrade your links and unlock other features (I'm still working on this feature, you can earn Jet Fuel right now, but I've still got some work to do before you can spend it). At level 2, your link has a 6 in 13 chance of being picked and there's a 4 in 13 chance of it choosing a totally random member's link. At level 3 you get a 7 in 13 chance and so on up to level 5 giving you a 10 in 13 chance.

Each Faucet / Service goes through this random process separately each time the page is loaded so it's possible for the referral codes of several different members on the page at any given time, spread out amongst the different faucets.

  • Instead of trying to promote several links you just promote one url, that’s all.
  • Unlike the old-school and illegal pyramid schemes where you have a whole downline, you only benefit from your direct referrals. You might get a referral that will sit there and claim from the faucets all day long but isn’t really good at trying to get referrals of their own, well that’s ok for you because you earn from their claims but they usually wouldn’t get any rewards other than own claims, but you might also get a referral who is really good at marketing but isn’t going to spend much time actually claiming from the faucets. On the other hand somebody might get a lot of referrals which helps them, but doesn’t help you much as your downline stops with them. With MyMoonJet when your referral markets the page, they can get referrals for you as your link will be randomly displayed and vice-versa, so that guy that has been claiming from faucets all day long earning you money, but hasn’t had much success with getting referrals will get some referrals here and there and get rewarded for their claiming.
  • Different people have different ways of marketing, different mediums, and different platforms. As everybody using MyMoonJet will use different methods of getting the word out, and the more people using the same link, the more varied and widespread an audience it will reach.
  • This is decentralised marketing, there’s nobody at the top or at the bottom, somebody you refer by sharing the mymoonjet.com link will actually become somebody else’s referral and somebody referred by somebody else will give you referrals.
  • Any comissions I personally earn from marketing sites which let you use your earnings to pay for advertising (such as Mellowads etc...), I put back into promoting MyMoonJet.com so this means even if you never share your MyMoonJet.com referral link, there's still a chance for you to get referrals for your faucets. Having said that, the system will work better if every member promotes it in thier own way.
What’s in it for me (the developer of MyMoonJet)?
  • Simple, my referral links are also in the system and will get randomly exposed like all other members links, to different audiences which I’m not reaching on my own, so everybody who joins MyMoonJet helps me grow my own referrals in return for me helping them grow theirs, it’s a win/win for everybody.
How do you know it works?
  • You’re here viewing this page, if you came here via an advertisement then you know somebody else will too, and if your referral codes are in the MyMoonJet.com system when they do, then your referral links for the faucets would be in the pool of those shown on the main page.

Meet the Team

As far as development is concerned, there is no team, it's just me.

Hi, my name's Ross. I'm just an ordianary Aussie Bloke, I've been dabbling in web development and programming as a hobby since the mid to late 90's and I have a passion for crypto-currencies. I'm not one to toot my own horn, but I know a lot of people often like to know who they're dealing with, so I'll write up a proper bio a bit later on when I'm not so busy working on more important aspects of the site.

If you have any questions feel free to message me via the messaging system in the member's area of the site but please keep in mind that building this website is something I do in my spare time and I've still got a lot of work to do on it before I can consider it anywhere near complete. I am just one person and I'm only human so please spare a little patience if I don't respond to you instantly, I will endeavour to get back to you when I have a chance.

As far as making MyMoonJet.com a success, you, me, every member is part of the team. The success of this website is community driven, every member who promotes MyMoonJet.com is helping every other member of MyMoonJet.com to grow thier referrals.

It will be a team effort and I thank you for joining me in this venture, may we all be successful together!