How does MyMoonJet.com Work?

This is explained on the About page, you should read it.

These faucets give me a referral link, not a referral code, how do I get my referral code from them?

This is very easy, and it's explained at the top of the Cockpit page in the members area of MyMoonJet.com

I'll use a random MyMoonJet.com user's Moon Bitcoin referral link as an example here:


You'll notice there's a string of numbers & or letters at the end of the link like so: 47c164c25d98 That's the referral code, everything after the = sign.

I've tried refreshing the Faucets page several times, why does it seem like it's not showing random links?

There's a couple of reasons for this.

  1. While mostly operational, MyMoonJet.com is still in development and has barely launched yet so that means there's not many users in the pool just yet, but the links are randomly picked.
    You should use this opportunity to your advantage and make the most of my advertising campaigns by signing up today because it won't stay like this for long!

  2. The links are randomly chosen, however there is a far greater chance of them showing referral links that belong to the MyMoonJet.com user who referred you - if nobody referred you but rather you came directly to MyMoonJet.com then I become your referee by default.
    The first time you visit MyMoonJet.com, your IP address is recoreded along with the referral link you used to get here. The original referral code is also stored on a cookie on that person's Device. If you return to MyMoonJet.com from the same IP address or the same device, it will use the original referral code even if you came back via a different referral link or if you came back direct to mymoonjet.com without a referral link.
    This means if you are the first person to refer somebody but they don't sign up to MyMoonJet.com straight away, you'll still get the credit for referring them if they come back and sign up later, unless they use a different IP address, different device and/or clear thier cookies before doing so.

  3. MyMoonJet.com users can upgrade their links to give them even a greater chance of their own referral links picked by the random picker. 5 in 13 chance for a new level 1 user up to 10 in 13 chance for a more advanced user. This shouldn't have any effect just yet as I'm still working on the upgrades system, but even my own account starts at level 1.

Why should I NEVER use the same password on different websites?

I wrote an article about this on the Security Tips page, you should read it.

What is a Faucet?

There are some exceptions to the rule but typically, a faucet is a website or app covered in advertisements.

The owner of the faucet gets paid for displaying advertisements on their website, however if nobody visits the website, then the ads are not displayed (or "served") to anybody and they don't get paid.

In order for the Faucet owner to make money from the advertisements, they need a lot of people to visit their website on a regular basis, and so they they pay their users a part of their advertising profits as an incentive to keep people coming back to view the advertisements.

The payment to users is usually known as a "claim" and typically involves some form of anti-automated robot test.

So in a nutshell, when you use a faucet, you are being paid to look at ads.

For this reason it is very important to disable your ad-blockers when using a faucet. If you block the ads, the faucet doesn't get paid, if the faucet dosn't paid, they can't pay you, and if this happens too much, the faucet will shut down and nobody gets paid. If you can't handle ads, don't use faucets.

Some faucets simply will not work if you use an adblocker. Others will ban your account and forfeit any earnings you've made.

By itself, a faucet claim may not seem like very much, but the faucets always want extra people to look at their ads so they often give pretty good referral bonuses and that's where the real money is for people like you and me.

More FAQ's

More FAQ's coming soon. My time is limited, but I do plan to eventually cover the following topics:

  • What is Bitcoin?
  • What is Blockchain?
  • What is Cryptocurrency?
  • What are Alt-Coins?
  • What is an exchange?
  • What is an ICO?
  • What are Tokens?

I also plan to eventually write some in depth reviews and guides on the faucets and services found on MyMoonJet.com, including:

  • How to signup for to the faucets
  • How to use the faucets
  • Where to find your referral code for each faucet
  • Tips on how to get referrals
  • Tips on how to avoid scams

If you have any further questions that aren't listed here, please feel free to browse my Dev Blog or message me via the messaging system in the member's area of the site, but please be aware that I am only one person, I work on this website in my spare time, I am only human. I will endeavour to respond, but please be patient if I take a while to do so.
Thanks, Ross.