Quick Start Guide

Step 1:

Register or log in to your FREE MyMoonJet.com account.

Step 2:

If you haven't done so already, join any or all of the Faucets and other services listed on the Faucets page. These Fuacets Services are also listed in your Cockpit so you can sign up to them from there if you want, making step 3 even easier for you. All of the external links on both the Faucets page and the Cockpit are randomly chosen referral links belonging to other members of MyMoonJet.com

Step 3:

Enter your referral/affiliate codes from each faucet in your MyMoonJet.com Cockpit.

Step 4:

Your referral links for each faucet will now be randomly picked from the pool of MyMoonJet.com users and displayed on this page every time somebody visits, whether you promote MyMoonJet.com or not.
(We've barely lauched, so the pool is currently rather small, so the smart thing to do would be to take advantage of that by joining Today!)

Step 5:

Share and promote your MyMoonJet.com referral link to greatly increase chances of your Links being randomly picked.

Step 6:

Earn Jet Fuel points for every unique visit and every sign up from your MyMoonJet.com referral link.

Step 7:

If you refer somebody then everytime somebody visits MyMoonJet.com via their referral link you also get a 1 in 13 chance of your links being displayed.

Step 8:

Use your Jet Fuel points to upgrade your account - upgarades include:

  • Upgrade your links from level 1 up to level 5 giving up to a 10 in 13 chance of your links for each faucet being randomly picked. (this feature coming soon, check my Dev Blog for the latest updates)
  • Adding your own custom advertisements for services which are not part of the MyMoonJet.com System (this feature coming soon, check my Dev Blog for the latest updates)
  • Step 9:

    Use free credits from the marketing services further down on the faucets page to promote your link.

    Step 10:

    Never pay anything to MyMoonJet.com!

    Step 11:

    Enjoy Life!